Terug naar Europe


The German metal band Bodyguerra combines classic rock with the 21st century. They play in the tradition of the great bands without being too nostalgic. Guido Stöcker’s masterly guitar work, the strong and rocking vocals by Daniel Seebass based on strong fundament given by bass-player Nils Middelhauve and drummer Hermann Focke blend in Bodyguerra’s stand-alone sound.

Bodyguerra debuted in 2013 with “Freddy…Nothing As It Seems“ – a stunning album which gives insight into the mind of world’s most ‘prolific’ serial killer, British GP Dr. H. Freddy Shipman (Dr. Death), who committed suicide in Wakefield prison in 2004. Three tracks of the album were charted high in Hit-Tracks Top 100: ’21 Market Street’ (peaked at #1 !!), ‘Dr. Death’ (peak #9) and ‘Castle In The Dark’ (#14 in 2014). A new CD is scheduled for 2015. The new track ‘Think It Over’ will probably be on that album. It’s a tribute to Sea Shepherd – For The Ocean and can be found on the Benefit cd for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.


Daniel Seebass: vocals
Guido Stöcker: guitar
Nils Middelhauve: bass
Hermann Focke: drums