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Torous ClearA different take to Rock and Metal music in the current music climate!

Celtic hard rock band TOROUS, hailing from the heart of England and the home of heavy metal, Birmingham, are quite new in the scene. They released a first track and did their first show in April 2014, yet they have earned the respect from their peers for their hard-work ethic and have turned many heads within the industry. They have an active gigging schedule in England and are booked on shows and festivals with some of the world’s biggest rock bands. They performed to great acclaim from both media and fans at prestigious shows at The O2 Academy and Wolverhampton Civic Hall. Their tracks are played by several international radio stations in The US and Canada as well. 

The single, ‘Sovereign Son’, charted in the Hit-Tracks Top 100, is a heavy metal track, yet embodies many celtic and folk sounds which take you on a journey through promoting personal and spiritual sovereignty and taking your personal power back. The next single ‘Dried Bones’ will be released next week. The same titled debut EP will appear on June 27.

Marc Malone: lead guitar and vocals
Tom Fenn: drums
GMT: bass guitar