NEW in roster: Jonny Smokes

Seattle-based singer/songwriter Jonny Smokes is redefining the idea of what a one-man-band can really be. Masterfully using a loop sampler with a wide array of effects pedals and different instruments, he will quickly compose full songs right before the audience’s eyes and ears. From his proficiency at multiple instruments to his enthusiastic showmanship, he displays a tremendous talent that leaves crowds amazed, and has a warm and humorous stage personality that has earned him thousands of loyal fans and friends world wide. Performing a wide variety of music styles ranging from laid back folk ballads, upbeat party pop, alternative rock, hip hop and heavy metal, his sonic diversity aims at brings everyone in the room together as one big party that all can enjoy.

6PAN1T1SThe 2013 release of “Embers & Ashes” was adored and praised by fans and critics. The positive messages of the upbeat hard rock “All Green Lights” inspired several radio interviews to turn into long talks about gratitude, while the heart breaking sorrow of the blues single “Gone Too Soon” has brought people to tears night after night, and has been shared at several funerals. After almost 3 years of constant touring, Jonny Smokes finally slowed down just long enough to record and release his latest album “Reflections” (2016) an acoustic styled collection of ballads and introspection. The first single “Dreamer” has live audiences cheering wildly as a nightly encore, and the heart aching new release “Over” is quickly shaping up to become another hit, being popularized by the Dutch television show Giels Talentenjacht and shared by fans across the globe. Check his band-page.