Susan Santos


A great passion for the music led Susan Santos to learn, in a self-taught way, how to play guitar and sing. Step by step the lefty guitarist and singer was creating her own songs and her particular style of understanding the music. After several groups, and two discs recorded, in 2009, she moved to Madrid and formed “Susan Santos Band”, her more energetic project, a power trio that mixes blues and rock & american roots. She recorded 4 cds “Take me home”, (Grasa Records, 2010), “Shuffle Woman” (Peer Music, 2012) , “Electric Love” (Paella Records, 2014) and “Skin & Bones” (Paella Records, 2016).

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11224761_1172191416133041_988628926467255926_n-2She has had an intense years of concerts in important clubs and played several  festivals in Spain, Belgium, France, Estonia, Netherlands, Chicago & Los Angeles in USA. She worked playing  in TV shows and musicals theatre.  Susan’s outstanding voice and appealing guitar style, along with her strong stage presence is very refreshing in the contemporary blues scene. Blues-rock of XXI Century.




#12 in 2016 > Rattlesnake

#06 in 2017 > Dusty Road




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